Bugsnax is a game that revolves around collecting the strange creatures that roam Snaktooth Island. Floofty is one of the island residents, and completing his quest change is essential to getting to the Isle of Bigsnax. Luckily, he is one of the easiest Grumpuses to deal with.

Completing Floofty’s quests

Unlock some other residents of the island. Floofty has some extremely easy quest goals. Here are all three of Floofty’s quests in order and how to complete them.

  • Volunteers Needed: Speak with eight other characters after speaking to Floofty.
  • Last Meal: Turn every part of Floofty’s body into food.
  • Head Games: You simply need to load Bugsnax into a machine.

You don’t have to capture any specialty Bugsnax for these quests and can use ones like Strabby that are easy to capture. This set of quests only take a couple of minutes each. You will need to bring Floofty before being able to access his quests, simply follow along with the main story of the game to get him to come back to Snaxburg.

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