Bugsnax has a ton of extra content for you to munch on, including Chandlo’s questline. To get to the Isle of Bigsnax, you will need to complete all of Chandlo’s quests, which will eventually lead to one of the game’s hidden bosses. Below is everything you need to know about helping Chandlo beef up.

How to complete Chandlo Tests His Might

Chandlo’s first quest, Beef Up, has you feed him three aggressive Bugsnax. These are many Snax that charge at you on-sight, some easy ones to get are Scoopy Banoopy, Buffalocust, Bunger, and Flapjackarak. After feeding him these, he will have you do his second quest, Weigh In.

For the second quest, you simply need to use your snakgrappler to drop weights. Just be sure to hit the weights a bit before he gets to the weight spot. Afterward, you will go with Chandlo to fight one of the game’s bosses, Mama Mewon.

How to catch Mama Mewon

Mama Mewon isn’t a tough boss once you learn how to fight her. During the fight, she will send out her babies. You will want to use your snak trap to capture them under the room’s hanging rocks. When a Wee Mewon is captured, Mama Mewon will go to save them, and you can use your snakgrappler to hit the rock above, causing it to hit Mama Mewon.

You need to hit the Mama Mewon with three stalactites before Chandlo will wake up and lead it under a fourth. After this, you can capture Mama Mewon and finish Chandlo’s questline.

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