Are you ready to go to a land filled with nightmares? An island filled to the brim with bugs… that are also made up of food! If so, then head to Snaktooth island, where your mission is to capture 100 of these Bugsnax creatures and probably eat them all!

Bugsnax how to Catch a Sandopede

To catch a Sandopede, you need to break the creature into small pieces to be able to capture it. To do this, you need plenty of Salad Dressing as this breaks up the larger form of the Sandopede into smaller ones that you can snag.

The Sandopede can be located back at the starting area Flavor Falls; the creature does walk in a pretty large area, but the bug will come to you if you wait a while. Though in the meantime, there should be some Salad Dressing plants in the area. Harvest these, and make sure you have a fair amount of Salad Dressing.

If you scan the Sandopede, you can know the route it will take, making things easier for you. Once it’s almost near, you place four to five globs of Salad Dressing in close proximity to each other on the route the Sandopede will take. This will cause the bug to break up into multiple smaller bigs that will all try and eat the Salad Dressing. This will stun most of them, so just run up to them and press Square to get them!

Or you can alternatively use the Trip Shot. Instead of using Salad Dressing on the route the Sandopede will take, set up the Trip Shot so crosses over the path. When the Sandopede crashes into the wire, it’ll break about stunning all the sections, allowing you to capture them.

Now you have a Sandopede. Have you managed to snag yourself a Bunger yet? Why not check the Bugsnax Trophy List and try to get that 100% game completion!

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