Bugsnax is finally out on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5; now gamers can venture to the Snaktooth Island and attempt to capture all the half bug, half food type creatures the island offers. Once you get past the starting area, the difficulty increases on how to catch these bugs, so it’s good to know exactly how to get a few of them!

Bugsnax how to Catch a Bunger

To catch a Bunger in Bugsnax, you need to stun it, and this can be done with the Sauce Slinger, as the Bunger loves to eat ketchup. Just fling the ketchup on the ground to create a trail in front of it and lead the Bunger to another Bunger. Then fire some ketchup on one of the Bungers, and the other one should charge at it – this will stun it, allowing you to run up to it and capture it!

First things first, you need ketchup – these grow on bushes, and it regrows over time. Once you have plucked the bushes dry, equip your Sauce Slinger, locate an area where a Bunger is, or just fire some ketchup on the floor, as the Bunger will smell it and come hopping its way.

Now you need to find a second Bunger. So keep slinging your ketchup on the ground and lead one to the other. After you’ve got both of them together, now this is where your plan starts to come together. Decide which Bunger looks the cutest or the tastiest, either or and cover the other in ketchup.

This will cause your not favorite Bunger to charge and slam into your ketchup covered favorite Bunger, stunning it. Once it has been stunned, run up to it swiftly and press the catch button! And done, you have managed to capture a Bunger!

If you’re unsure how to save your progress after capturing a Bunger or wondering if you unlock a trophy from it, then we have you covered!

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