Crack the Code is one of Bugsnax’s most difficult quests! There’s not a lot of handholding, and how to progress is really pretty vague. If you don’t know exactly what to do, you would have to speak to every Grampus you have returned home, instead of speaking to the few you have to speak to, to carry on this quest!

Bugsnax Find the Missing Page

To find the missing page in Bugsnax, players need to interview Cromdo in the quest Crack the Code, and he’ll give you an essential map that you can use to locate the missing page in the Boiling Bay biome.

The missing page is the second task to complete in the quest Crack the Code, and it seems to be one that people are having the most trouble with. In this quest, you are trying to help Eggaball open a hidden temple door at Frosted Peak, and she has asked you to help unlock it. Eggaball believes that her friend Lizburt has all the answers in her journal and notes.

After you have unlocked the Journal, you’ll open it to find a missing page is well missing, and it’s important that you find it. Normally, you would have to interview all the Grumpuses you have returned home to find clues in the forms of maps and keys to complete this quest.

However, you only need to interview the Grumpus Cromdo, and he’ll give you the map to the Boiling Bay area, which is where the missing page is located. Head towards the Boiling Bay biome via the wooden ship, and use the map of the area to locate the page. The missing page is on the right side of the Penisula next to Floofty.

Return to Snaxburg, and with the second task completed, you next have to

  • Find Liz’s device notes.

We have a guide on how to fully complete the Crack the Code quest, so head on there for more help on finishing this quest! If you are trying to platinum Bugsnax, then you’ll need to know how to feed Gramble! For more information on the game, why not check out our other Bugsnax guides!