There’s an abundance of quests in Bugsnax, just as there’s an assortment of various ways to collect the 100 Bugsnax. Towards the end of the game, you are tasked with returning all Grumpus to Snaxburg, and this quest will allow you to return the last two remaining: Eggabell and Lizbert.

Bugsnax: Crack the Code

Crack the Code is a quest in Bugsnax given to you by Eggaball at Frosted Peak, which upon completion allows you to enter a hidden temple with Eggabell. However, this quest has four stages to it and is pretty complicated to finish!

When players arrive at the Frosted Peak biome and find Eggball there, she tells you to go away. Yet if you sneakily follow her, she’ll lead you to a hidden temple door, and here you can speak to her to gain the quest Crack the Code.

Crack the Code has for main steps to complete it:

  1. Find Lizbert’s journal.
  2. Find the missing page.
  3. Find Liz’s device notes.
  4. Find notes on the mountain map.

Here you need to speak to a few of the NPCs called the Grumpuses who inhabit Snaktooth Island. The ones you do need to converse with are the following:

  • Triffany
  • Gramble
  • Cromdo
  • Wambus
  • Wiggle

After interviewing each one of the Grumpuses, you’ll be given either clues in the way of maps or as keys, and both of these are essential in completing Eggaball’s quest. Without these clues, completing the quest cannot be done.

  • Lizbert’s Journal
    • Once Triffany returns to town, she’ll give you this locked journal.
      • Interview Gramble to get the Diary key to open the journal
  • The Missing Page
    •  Interview Cromdo, and you’ll receive the Boiling Bay map.
      • Head to the Boiling Bay biome using the map to locate the page.
        • On the right side of the Penisula should be the missing page, next to Floofty.
  • Liz’s Device Notes
    • You’ll get these notes by interviewing Wambus.
  •  Find Notes on Mountain Map
    • Interview Wiggle, and they’ll give you the Sugarpine Woods Map.
      • Follow the clues using the map will lead you to Video Diary #4

Once all four tasks have been completed, head back to Eggabell at the Frosted Peak, and you’ll both be able to open the door into the hidden temple and find Lizbert!

If you are trying platinum Bugsnax, then you’ll need to know how to feed Gramble! For more information on the game, why not check out our other Bugsnax guides!

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