Star Tokens are one of the rarer currencies in Brawl Stars and are helpful for unlocking Brawlers, Power Points, Coins, Gems, and Event Tickets! We’ll go into how you can use Star Tokens, as well as how-to get and best use them!

How-to Get Star Tokens

There is currently only very limited ways to obtained Star Tokens. The main way is going to be getting them by playing in Events. These are available at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the little Star Token icon floating on the top left of them. You will need to play the specific event and get a win to be rewarded one of the tokens. Once you’ve obtained the token from that event, you can press the event name and see if you have more events available to you. Do one of these events each time it refreshes so you can get a Star Token from it every time it refreshes.

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Event List

Here’s a list of the potential events you can participate in to get Star Tokens. Some of these events are only available on the weekend.

  • Bounty
  • Gem Grab
  • Heist
  • Showdown
  • Duo Showdown
  • Brawl Ball
  • Big Game
  • Robo Rumble
  • Boss Fight

Some other ways to get Star Tokens can be accomplished by completing some of the following achievements:

  • Win in a 3v3 Game Mode
  • Be in the Top 4 Brawlers of a Solo Showdown
  • Be in the Top 2 teams of a Duo Showdown

How Can Star Tokens be Used?

Star Tokens can only be used in one way currently. If you can gather up 10 Star Tokens you can use them to get a Big Brawl Box! These boxes have three times more goodies than a regular size Brawl Box. This means you are going to want to make sure you gather each and every Star Token you can to get these big rewards. You can potentially get Power Points, Coins, Brawlers, Event Tickets, Gems, and even Token Doublers!

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