Private Servers are the best way to play and experience Roblox Blox Fruits if you do not want some random player to interfere with your missions. To play on a Blox Fruits Private server, you need to buy a server for 200 Robux Coins. But, thanks to several kindhearted YouTubers and veteran players, you and your friends can enjoy some alone time on one of the Private VIP servers openly shared by them. You can start by using the X301 private server link and explore other servers given below.

Server LinkHost
Link 1X301 YouTuber Private Server
Link 2Ninja_ Flash Youtuber Private Server
Link 3Sensei Youyou Youtuber Private Server
Link 4Fire Youtuber Private Server
Link 5Asraf Lul Gaming Youtuber Private Server

What is the size of a Private Server in Blox Fruits?

A total of 12 players can play and enjoy on a private server in Roblox Blox Fruits.

Is there a difference between a Private and Public Server in Blox Fruits?

There is no difference between a private and public server in terms of gameplay experience. You can hunt for Blox Fruits, combat enemies, and do every single quest available on a private server.

How to join a Private server in Blox Fruits?

You can only join a private server if you have an invite link to the server. If your friends own a server, they can send you a link generated from the configuration menu. Otherwise, click on one of the links given below. After clicking on the link, the game will automatically open, and you will join the private server. 

Remember, do not click on any random links on the internet unless or until you are sure of it. Many of the links are clickbait set up by scammers trying to steal your personal or confidential information. We’ve tested the links above ourselves to ensure they work.

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