Bloodline Heroes of Lithas is a free-to-play gacha role-playing game in a fantasy setting. There are a lot of games where you collect characters, upgrade them, and use them in battles, but this one is diffrent. Here you have heroes from diffrent clans (or families) where it’s essential to invest in marriage and make babies! By doing that, you’ll get an improved new hero with improved skills.

The champions in the Bloodline Heroes of Lithas tier list are representatives of diffrent clans, so these are their family last names essentially. Female and male versions are not just variations of champions. They have diffrent stats and abilities, so treat them as entirely diffrent characters. Here are all characters ranked, so you can arrange marriage and have super-kids.

Best Champions in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List

SDoombringer (female), Doombringer (male), Fulgur (female), Fulgur (male), Ignis (female), Lionstone (male), Lionstone (female)
AIgnis (male), Karg (female), Tidestorm (female), Tidestorm (male), Urgrull (female), Zaess (female)
BAeson (female), Gryphon (male), Karg (male), Luxuriant (female), Luxuriant (male), Yvnian (male), Yvnian (female), Zaess (male)
CAeson (male), Gryphon (female), Lume (female), Lycanis (male), Lycanis (female), Elzideth (male), Urgrull (male), Karguk (male), Karguk (female)
DElzideth (female), Travain (male), Travain (female), Sallyhorn (female), Sallyhorn (male), Lume (male), Hunstdorf (male), Hunstdorf (female)

Best Mage Clan in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Ignis Clan

  • Simply put, Ignis champions are huge damage dealers. They have a large arsenal of offensive spells and buffs, so if you want to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible, use them both in a team.

Best Warrior Clan in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Karg Clan

  • Karg family has great warriors, but you’ll maybe want to stick with a female member of the clan. She has some excellent skills focused on dealing damage, but perhaps the best one is Reorganize ability that can push opponents out of their position.

Best Tank Clan in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Lionstone Clan

  • Lionstone family has one of the best tank heroes in the game. They have many abilities that can keep them alive so they can soak in all the damage instead of other party members. On top of that, female Lionstone can buff allies so they can fight more efficiently.

Best Support Clan in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Lume Clan

  • Every party needs a reliable healer, and Lume is arguably the best choice. That’s especially true if other champions are prone to debuffs and don’t have enough health to care for themselves. In that case, the best choice is a female Lume member, as she has Chrono Purge ability that allows her to cleanse and heal allies simultaneously.

Best Archer Clan in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Tidestorm Clan

  • Tidestorms are one of the best archers, but they are typical glass cannons, so you’ll have to keep them alive if you want them to be helpful. For some reason, ranged physical damage is not that great in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas, so better focus on mages and support characters for the party if you can choose.

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