Black Skylands is an early access title with amazing potentially. It features many aspects of various genres into one top-down adventure game. Roam the skies in your airship, and take down a rogue group known as the Falconer’s and fight a more deadly threat, a species known as the Swarm!

Due to being in early access, Black Skylands will have a constant stream of updates to make sure the game becomes what it truly can be.

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Black Skylands July 12 Patch Notes

  • Increased stat bonuses granted by ship components, weapons, boots, armor and pouches.
  • Halved the health and damage increase for enemies who are more powerful than the player.
  • Repeated island invasions happen less frequently.
  • The Crash boss doesn’t one shot the player with its projectiles anymore.
  • Updated localization.
  • Added new merchants to Turtletown who sell seeds and livestock. Also, you can now buy most of the resources for capsules in the Turtletown market.
  • Nerfed the fishing minigame difficulty.
  • Airborne Swarm enemies now drop ship energy.
  • Ground Swarm enemies now drop ammo and medkits.
  • Capsule speed doubled.
  • Fixed the disappearing enemies issue.
  • Fixed the issue where the window would switch upon moving the mouse cursor to the second screen.

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