Our BitLife Schools Guide will teach you everything you need to know about pursuing education and getting a high paying job in the game! This guide features information on how-to qualify for Veterinary, Law, Pharmacy, and Medical School.

How-to Get Into Veterinary, Law, Pharmacy, or Medical School

To get into any of these schools, you’re going to need to do some basic things. First, start with a Bitizen that has at least around 80% Smarts. This will fluctuate a bit early on, but can be added to and maintained by studying harder in school, and heading to the library as soon as it opens up (12 years old). This should help you increase your intelligence, and you will hopefully get over 90% Smarts by the time you graduate high school (graduating also gives you a small boost in smarts).

Now you’ll have to decide on your University. This option is extremely important, because it will lead to what further schooling you can enter. These are random, sometimes you might not get one that is associated to the next step you’d like to take. If that’s the case, you can “take some time off” for a year and check for the one you want the following age.

Generally, you can kind of associate the specific type of school with the graduate school you are looking to go to. So, if you want to go to Medical School, you’d go to a more science based University. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Arts – None
  • Chemistry – Dental School, Graduate School, Medical School, Pharmacy School, Veterinary School
  • Computer Science – Graduate School
  • Dance – None
  • Education – Graduate School
  • English – Graduate School, Law School
  • Finance – Business School, Graduate School
  • History – Graduate School, Law School
  • Information Systems – Business School, Graduate School
  • Mathematics – Business School, Graduate School
  • Music – None
  • Nursing – Dental School, Medical School, Nursing School
  • Political Science – Law School
  • Psychology – Medical School

Continue studying harder and going to the library to maintain or increase your intelligence. You can also try to see a Documentary at the Movie Theater, it’s usually not available, but if it is you will gain some intelligence.

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BitLife School Guide

Certain schools will set you up for specific careers. I’ve broken out the specific higher education based schools to give you an idea of what careers they can lead to.

Business School

Business School leads you to Corporate positions, and will eventually lead you to a potential CEO position. This is a high value job that you can make a ton of money doing! You’ll have to start in a lower Corporate job, but once you get enough experience, you’ll be able to transition to higher jobs and hopefully land at CEO.

Dental School

Pretty obvious, but if you want to be a full dentist then you are going to need to go to dental school. You can still work in a dental office as a hygienist, but even then you’ll at the very least need Community College to apply.

Graduate School

Graduate School is for education based jobs like becoming a teacher, or even working at a Library! There’s even some other interesting professions that use this degree, one of them being Archaeologist!

Law School

If you want to be a Lawyer then you are going to need to go to Law School. Become a Lawyer can also put you on the path to becoming a Judge or Magistrate.

Medical School

If you want to be a Doctor and make some big bucks then this is the school to go to. Look for careers that are medical in nature, like Hospital or Medical Offices.

Nursing School

Another obvious one, but if you want to go into nursing then this degree will help.

Pharmacy School

Pharmacists make quite a bit of cash, so look for Chemistry as an undergraduate option if you want to head down this path.

Veterinary School

If you want to work with animals, then becoming a Vet is how to do it. You will need to be smart and to study Chemistry as an under graduate to qualify.

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