In the recent BitLife 1.39 update there was an addition of the paternity test. Players are clearly wondering this works, so we’re going to take a quick look at what you can do to create this situation in your next playthrough!

It’s actually not super complicated, because it’s just a random event that happens when you hook up with someone. If you didn’t use a condom when you hooked up, then you’re obviously more likely to have fathered the baby.

You will get four different options when this random event occurs:

  • Refuse to take a test
  • Agree to take a test
  • Ghost her
  • Accept responsibility

If you agree to take the test then there’s obviously a chance you could be the parent. Too bad there wasn’t an option to take things to the Maury Povich show! If you accept responsibility, then you will acknowledge without a test that the child is yours and have to pay for it. If you refuse to take the test, then it’s possible they will get a court order and make you take it! The test can happen further in the life of the child, I had one happen when the kid was 6 years old, so just because you make it a year without getting one doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods!

That’s really all there is to know about paternity tests in BitLife. They happen pretty randomly, and you’ll need to do a lot of hooking up to get the event to trigger!

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