Our BitLife – Life Simulator Part-Time Jobs & Freelance Gigs Guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this new addition to the game! You can now earn some cash at a young age, which will help you build up your looks and give you some money while you are seeking higher education.

Freelance Gigs

Freelance Gigs are a new addition to the game, and can be accessed under the School/Occupation tab. You start to have access to these at age 13, so you no longer have to beg your parents for money as the only option to get cash when you’re young. There’s multiple different options you can do: Handyman, Tutor, Lawn Mower, Caretaker, Babysitter, Pet Sitter, and Dog Walker. Each one of these pays a different amount of money.

When you choose one of these options, you’ll have the ability to change the rate you can earn when you choose which gig you want. If you choose too high of a rate, you might not end up finding any work. I would choose for the middle, you’ll likely end up making a pretty good amount of money.

You can do these repeatedly as much as you want it seems, but you might want to take care to watch for your happiness meter because it seems to have a negative affect on it. That isn’t too bad though, you can go see a movie and spend time with your parents to regain what you’ve lost.

So, why do you want to make money during the younger years? Well, the best reason for it is to go to the Gym and to have access to Salon & Spa. Both of these activities will give you a boost to your looks, which is sometimes hard to gain in your younger years because you don’t have the money for it.

Part-Time Jobs

While freelance gigs are one-time opportunities, part-time jobs will carry over from year to year. You’ll start to have access to these at age 14, and you will be pretty limited to what options you can choose at this age. It’s probably better to just stick with the freelance options, but getting a part-time job isn’t a bad thing, especially if you’ve dropped out of school!

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Once you’ve chosen your part-time job, you can head to the School/Occupation tab and access some options from there. You can request more hours, ask for a raise, resign from the job, or work harder. You can have up to two part-time jobs while you’re in school or have a full time job and three otherwise, just don’t get too stressed out!

The great thing about the addition of part-time jobs is that you can now at least gain some money throughout your school years. It used to be that you couldn’t do much from your younger years, and all the way throughout college. This was particularly the case if you decided to seek higher education, but now you can get money and have access to more activities earlier in the game.

Negative Consequences

There are some negatives to these freelance gigs and part-time jobs. The first one is the newly added stress feature. If you get stressed, you can get high blood pressure and this can lead you to a heart attack or stroke! The other negative to these is that if you do too much, you can get fired from your actual job or expelled from school! So, be careful not to do too much, because it could end up costing you.

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