It’s time to take on another challenge in BitLife, and this time we’re taking on the role of a Karen! You will need to own a minivan, complain a whole lot to human resources, file many lawsuits, and start some rumors about your enemies. If you ever wanted to know what it was like to be completely entitled, then it’s time to roleplay as a Karen.

BitLife Karen Challenge Rules

Shut up and take this challenge, or I’m contacting the manager!

Here’s a look at the requirements to completing the Karen Challenge:

  • Be born a female named Karen
  • Own a minivan
  • Make 10+ reports to HR
  • File 5+ lawsuits
  • Start rumors about 10+ enemies

Karen Challenge Guide

The first step to completing this challenge is that you’ll need to make sure you make your first name Karen and are a female to start off with. After that, you can pretty much age up throughout your schooling and get to your first job as you turn 18 or graduate from High School. Any job should work, because you are likely going to get fired pretty often anyway. You will need some money to file lawsuits, but that shouldn’t be too big of a problem as long as you build up a bit of a nest egg.

One of the things that is a bit confusing is starting rumors about enemies. You will first need to become friends with a person, which you can do during school or with someone at work. Then you will want to go to the Relationships menu, and select the person you want to be enemies with. Now, tap on the person’s name and at the top of the Friend menu, and you will get the option to change the status of your relationship. You can then pick from Friends, Best Friend, or Enemies. Now that you’re enemies, you can go back to the that menu and start a rumor about them. You will need to do this about 10 separate enemies.

Filing lawsuits is a bit tricky, but isn’t too bad. One way to do it is by getting fired from your job, which will likely happen if you’re making lots of reports to HR or you are messing with your co-workers. Once that happens, head to the Activities menu and locate Lawsuit. If you have the ability to create a lawsuit again someone, then the name will be listed there. It doesn’t matter if you win the lawsuit or not, so I would go with the cheapest lawyer option. You can also file lawsuits if someone assaults you. This will sometimes happen with the enemies you start rumors about!

Making reports to HR will take a fair amount of time unless you get lucky. If you insult, start a rumor, or prank someone, then they might attack you. If they do so, you can file a claim with HR about it. You can also make a report if a coworker makes a sexual advance towards you. These are the main ways to do it, so start bad mouthing your coworkers, and hopefully someone will make an advance towards you.

Finally, you are going to want to own a minivan. This is the easiest step, because all you need to do is have enough cash to buy one. You can also just apply for a car loan and this will count as well. I would do this last unless you feel like you aren’t going to have any money, because the vehicle might become totaled after a while and you would have to purchase another one.

The main thing to be careful with in this challenge is getting too low on health. You will likely get attacked fairly often, and sometimes this can lead to some pretty close brushes with death. Head to the gym, go on walks, and meditate to keep your health up. If something particularly bad happens to you, make sure to go to the doctor!

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