It’s time to bring your singing career to life via the K-Pop Challenge in BitLife! You will need to be born in Korea, become a singing sensation, get a million subscribers on YouTube, become super famous, and have a son named Wonho. This is a pretty easy set of tasks, and shouldn’t take you all that long to complete!

BitLife K-Pop Challenge Rules

Becoming the most notorious emperor of Asia will be the challenge of your lifetime and the death of those who stand in your way.

Here’s a look at the requirements to completing the K-Pop Challenge:

  • Be born in Korea
  • Become a K-pop artist
  • Get a million subscribers on YouTube
  • Achieve 100% fame
  • Have a son named Wonho

K-Pop Challenge Guide

First, obviously make sure your character is born in South Korea. Next, you will want pretty high looks, which should help get you the job you need. Age up and make sure to start hitting the gym as soon as you possibly can. Make sure you’ve got at least 80+ in the looks category. Get through High School and then look for the Background Vocalist job. If you don’t see it, you can close and re-open your app, or you can just age up to get a new set of jobs. You will want to join YouTube around this time, and start posting at lest one video each year.

Once you find the job, you should be able to get it without issue. Work hard at it each year and continue to age up until you become Lead Singer. If you’ve been posting videos each year, you should be gaining subscribers pretty steadily. Once you become famous you will get a whole lot more. When you do get famous, make sure to do all the tasks you can. Write books, go on TV, pose in a magazine, and do commercials.

After 5-10 years being a Lead Singer, you should receive the K-pop achievement if you haven’t already gotten it before. At this time, you can find yourself a significant other and start trying to have kids. Once you have a son, make sure to name it Wonho to complete that task.

This is a pretty easy challenge, and as long as you keep posting videos on YouTube, you should end up with a million subs and 100% fame!

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