Our Bitlife How-to Go AWOL Guide will quickly walk you through obtaining the Absent Without Leave achievement! If you are having trouble receiving this achievement, then we’ve got some tips that should help you along the way.

This achievement can be a bit annoying to earn, because it relies pretty heavily on getting lucky. It’s also a bit confusing, because the way you go about earning it doesn’t make a ton of sense. You need to be in the military as a career, get an addiction, and successfully go to rehab. We detail these steps in detail below!

BitLife How-to Go AWOL

We don’t really care a lot about what happens from infant until we graduate high school. Just start running through the ages for the most part, however, we do want to keep an eye on our looks percentage. We’re going to need to go to the club as part of this strategy, and you have to maintain a certain level of looks to do so. You want to be at least around 30%, which isn’t too difficult. If you go too far below, just hit the gym and use all the options in the Salon & Spa.

Now that we’re 18, we’re going to skip more schooling and enlist in the military. It doesn’t matter which branch you decide to go into, just pick whichever you want. Once we’ve enlisted, we’re going to want to start going to the club! Go to the Nightlife activity, and go to each of the available clubs. Anytime you get offered a drink or drug, just go ahead and take it. We’re looking to get addicted to one of these. Be careful if you have people arguing with you, if you interact with these people, it’s possible they attack you and something bad could happen. You can also ignore any one night stand opportunities as well. While you are doing that, throw in gambling at the Casino and going to the Horse Races. We’re just looking to get any addiction we possibly can!

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Once you’ve gotten an addiction, then we’re going to want to go to Rehab. Go to the Rehab activity and then to the Rehab Center. Pick whichever rehab you can afford, the option doesn’t matter, but you might need to attend rehab repeatedly. If you are cured of your addiction at Rehab, and you are currently still in your military career, you will get the “Absent Without Leave” achievement! If you don’t get cured the first time, you can advance a year and try again.

As a final tip, you can go to the club or gamble as much as you want per year. I might actually lean towards gambling more, because you get a lot of people arguing with you and one night stand opportunities when going to the club. It’s easier to just jump into the casino or horse race, place a quick bet, and then leave! Whether or not you get an addiction is completely random. For some people, it will take hardly anytime at all, for others you might be grinding it out for quite a while. Good luck out there Bitizens!

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