Our BitLife How-to Get the Cunning Ribbon Guide will walk you through the steps you need to obtain this ribbon! We’re going to need to do a dastardly deed, get caught, and then make our escape if we’re going to be able to collect this prize. Our guide will walk you through exactly how to get it done.

How-to Get the Cunning Ribbon

First, we just need to get through the infant, child, and teenage years. These really don’t matter, however, I wouldn’t really let yourself get too low on any of your percentages if you can help it. You can decide to make some money during these years by getting a part time job or doing some of the freelance gigs, but they aren’t necessary.

Once you’ve turned 18, you’ll want to head to the Activities tab and go to Plastic Surgery. We’re looking for the Gender Reassignment surgery option. Choose a doctor and see how much it is going to cost to get it done. There should be two doctor options, so check both and note the amount of money you need to get it. You’ll need to save up enough money to afford the surgery in the future. For me, it was in the range of $35,000 – $45,000 dollars. Get a job and start saving up the money you’ll need for the surgery. I’d try to get a bit more than you might need just to be safe.

Now that you have the cash, it’s time to commit a crime! It doesn’t matter what crime you commit, you just need to get caught doing whatever it is. Pick a Public Defender so you don’t spend any money on a lawyer, and head on to prison. Now you will need to escape! Lucky for you, we have a pretty detailed guide on how-to escape any of the prisons in BitLife.

Once you’ve escaped from jail, go back to the Plastic Surgery tab and get the Gender Reassignment surgery. You can sometimes die from this, but that’s a risk you’ll need to take! If the surgery is a success, you’ll now need to live your life without being caught. You can attempt to emigrate to another country, but that doesn’t always work.

IF you get caught and are on an iPhone or iPad, you can immediately close the game by double tapping your home button and sliding the app upwards. Open it back up, and it should be like you were never caught at all. Keep pressing through the years until you croak at some point and you should be rewarded with the Cunning Ribbon!

Keep in mind that sometimes you can get the Mediocre Ribbon and occasionally some of the others. Obtaining Ribbons in BitLife isn’t always an exact science unfortunately.

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