If you are wondering if BitLife is worth it, it’s up to you. While God Mode has unique perks, it will be up to you if God Mode’s features are worth the price. We recommend using this guide to decide if you should get God Mode and if it is worth it. 

BitLife God Mode Price

Currently, God Mode costs $4.99. It was once $2.99 back in the day, but the price increased after a while. Luckily it’s a one-time purchase, and you won’t need to worry about recurring fees.

BitLife God Mode Perks List

  • Edit Special Talents: Ability to add Special Talents for Special Careers (allows you to start jobs like Gangster and Actor faster).
  • Edit Appearance: Ability to change how your character looks.
  • Edit Attributes Ability to change stats such as Smarts, Looks, Athleticism.

Is Getting God Mode in BitLife worth it?

We recommend getting God Mode as it is well worth the convenience and perks it brings to the table. God Mode also makes starting in BitLife easier by allowing you to customize your character’s attributes and Special Talents. These perks make it easier to get harder jobs and Special Careers. The ability to change and customize character appearance is also a nice addition. 

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