The Entrepreneur update is one of three Job Pack updates coming to BitLife at some point. The first of these updates heading to the game is the Street Hustler update, and it will add several new features to the game. 

Some features include challenges and brand new activities around begging and scamming people for money. We should expect the Entrepreneur update to add similar content. However, we don’t have many details besides the text under its tab under Job packs in BitLife. The text we can see in the game reads as follows: Start your own business! 

What this indicates is not yet clear, but we can imagine players with the update can start their own business or play as an Entrepreneur. As part of the update, players may need to get business licenses from the License Tab. Also, new achievements based around running a business will most likely be a thing. 

A rework involving business or CEO positions may also happen if these updates follow a similar trend as the last Actor Job pack. In that pack, becoming an Actor in BitLife was changed entirely, so we imagine something similar will happen with the addition of The Entrepreneur update.

What is the BitLife Street Hustler Update?

As we already explained, the Street Hustler update is a future Job PAck that will add new activities and jobs to BitLife. The jobs and activities will revolve around living on the street and begging or scamming people for money. 

What is the BitLife Model Update?

The Model update is a planned job pack that will revamp and change how becoming a model works in BitLife. Based on previous job packs, the Model job pack update will add new activitieschallenges, and jobs.  

When is the release date for the BitLife Entrepreneur Update?

At the moment there is no confirmed date yet for when the Entrepreneur update will arrive in BitLife. However, the update will most likely arrive sometime after the Street Hustler, which will most likely arrive sometime in May 2022.

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