It’s time to become a hero and put on the cape to strike fear in criminals across the city! This challenge will require you to be a male, live in New York, become a CEO, own a haunted Victorian home, own a Lamborghini and a helicopter, and achieve many black belts. If you want to become the Batman, then you are going to need quite a bit of discipline to accomplish it!

BitLife Dark Knight Challenge Rules

This town needs a hero, Bitizen. Will you answer the call and rise to the challenge?

Here’s a look at the requirements to completing the Dark Knight Challenge:

  • Be a male
  • Live in New York
  • Become a CEO
  • Own a haunted Victorian home
  • Own a Lamborghini and a helicopter
  • Achieve multiple black belts

Dark Knight Challenge Guide

To start out, just make sure to be a male and then start your life in New York. You don’t really need to worry about stats too much, but smarts would be helpful to your career. Age up until you reach High School and start studying hard. You will also want to make sure you join some clubs so that you can get a free ride in college. During this time you can also start taking a martial arts class and get your black belt in one on your parent’s dime. This will go on for four years, and then you can apply to University. You can mostly study anything, but do something somewhat business related if possible. Once you graduate from college, you will then go off to Business School. Complete your degree there and start looking for a job.

Now that you have graduated completely, you can then get a job that is designated as corporate. Work hard each year and continue to age up. You should get promotions pretty steadily, which will start getting you promotions. You will need around 15 years of experience to finally reach CEO.

Once you start piling up money, you can then purchase a haunted Victorian home. These are going to be fairly rare, so I would check for them each year. You can also look for a Lamborghini and helicopter as you age up and make more money. I would also attempt to get a black belt in multiple disciplines while you are undertaking these projects. That’s all you really need to do, overall this is a fairly straightforward challenge and shouldn’t take too long if you’ve played this game for any extended period of time!

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