Wakanda is forever, so it’s time to take part in the Black Panther Challenge in BitLife! You will need to start a second generation life, be a male born in Kenya, earn a whole lot of belts in various martial arts, and then become the mayor of Wakanda to complete it.

BitLife Black Panther Challenge Rules

Decide what kind of ruler you will be in this challenge, Bitizen! Let your actions define you!

Here’s a look at the requirements to completing the Black Panther Challenge:

  • Start a second generation life
  • Be born a male in Kenya
  • Earn the top belt in every martial art
  • Become the mayor of Wakanda

Black Panther Challenge Guide

The start of this challenge is a bit odd because you need to start a second generation life. So, what that means is that you will need to start a life, then have a kid that you can take over with. Begin your life in Kenya, and then when you choose your place, chose to “Add a Custom City” and call it Wakanda. Once you are old enough, have yourself a kid as soon as possible. Once you have a boy, you can either switch over to their life with God Mode, or you can surrender your life and switch to the son. Either way, you will end up playing as the son!

At 8 years old you can start doing martial arts. You will find it in the Activities > Mind & Body section. Choose one of the options and rank it up until you stop earning additional belts. Your parents are unlikely to let you do multiple disciplines, so we’ll just need to wait until we’re older to finish the rest. Once you have enough money and are over 18, then you can finish this task by maxing out the rest of them.

It’s usually a good idea to have a pretty decent career. Since Lawyers tend to end up as politicians, you might want to head down the route of Criminal Justice and then go to Law School. You will start bringing in quite a bit of cash once you’ve gotten enough promotions throughout your career. Once you have about $500,000 or so, you can then start going for political office.

When you have the money, just first run for School Board Director. It shouldn’t cost you too much money to run, so max out your campaign funds. Try to bolster your rating as you run through your term. Once you’ve completed it, you can resign at that point. Now you will run for Mayor. You will again want to try and max out your funds. If you can defeat your opponent, you will then have completed the challenge! If not, you will need to work some more to gain money and try again when you can. Politics in BitLife aren’t an exact science unfortunately.

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