It’s time to spread the love! I mean that literally, because you are going to need to have 20 children and wives to complete the Baby Mama challenge in BitLife. This sounds easy, but you’ll need to be careful because having a ton of kids will send you to the poor house pretty quickly! You will also need to have enough money to get married many times, so make sure you have a pretty good career.

BitLife Baby Mama Challenge Rules

Inspired by the folklore of “Johnny Spreadyourseed,” this challenge will have you busier than a jackrabbit on a hot tin roof!

Here’s a look at the requirements to completing the Baby Mama Challenge:

  • Be a male
  • Father 20+ children
  • Have 20+ wives
  • Each child must be born to a different wife

Baby Mama Challenge Guide

Starting your character out you’ll obviously need to be a male. I would look for a character with good looks and smarts, or you can just use God Mode to manipulate your stats. Age up as you normally would until High School and then start studying hard and join up with at least a couple of activities. Once you graduate from High School, you should be able to get a scholarship for University. Choose a career path that will either make you famous or put you on the path to becoming a lawyer or a doctor.

Once you’ve graduated and gotten your career going you can start dating. You’ll want to just use the Love option under activities and choose Date. Look for women who have a slightly higher crazy stat, because these are the one who are more likely to elope or get married quickly. If they won’t accept a proposal without a ring, then purchase one that’s about 1 carat and a diamond. This is usually the combination that works best for me. Also, make sure the woman isn’t too old! I found that I got paired with a woman above birthing age, and didn’t realize it for a while.

When you’re going to get married just pick the Courthouse and don’t have a honeymoon. This is the cheapest option and will only cost you a few bucks. You can also use the new Elope option, but unless they are pretty crazy, they often one go through with it.

Once you’re married you can start making love to your wife. Make sure they aren’t taking birth control, and if they are you’ll need to ask them to stop. You might need to do this quite a bit to produce a baby because you and the female both have fertility stats which might be low. Keep trying until you get her pregnant and then move up a year. Divorce your wife and then repeat this process over and over again. If you’re lucky, you can usually find a woman, get married, and get her pregnant all in the same year!

Keep doing this over and over again to complete the challenge! You’ll just need to hope you can keep up with the child support payments, but that’s why we got the higher paying job.

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