If you were hoping for something new to do this week then BitLife has you covered! The 1.39 patch has gone live for the iOS version of the game. As usual, if you’re on Android, you’ll be waiting a bit for this one to come to your devices. In this update, your friends and relatives can get sick, which allows you to bring them to the doctor. You can switch to your child’s life before you kick the bucket. There’s a new arrest system, paternity tests, you can get eloped, and your relatives can even accessorize.

The big part of this update is the addition of 10 brand new careers! There’s things like baker, blacksmith, carpenter, and a bunch of other stuff. You can also take different majors in college, such as physics, journalism, criminal justice, and more! There’s a lot more to this update, which you can find the patch notes below.

Hey Bitizens! We’ve been wanting to work on an update like this for a while. In the last couple of weeks, we focused entirely on adding a whole bunch of smaller features that together add up to a lot. We think you’ll find this latest version of BitLife is better and funnier than ever! Let us know on our socials how you’re liking it and if you want to see us do more of these types of updates in the future!

Here’s the full list of new things in this update:

  • Your friends and relatives now get sick — take your kids and parents to the doctor!
  • Switch to your child’s life before you die to build better legacies
  • All-new arrest system
  • Men: paternity tests keep you honest (watch out!)
  • Not feeling a fancy wedding? Get eloped!
  • Your stylish relatives can now accessorize!
  • 10 new careers: Baker, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Casino Worker, Fashion Designer, Horse Jockey, Jeweler, Nail Technician, Private Investigator, and Wedding Planner
  • 13 new college majors: Accounting, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Communications, Criminal Justice, Economics, Graphic Design, Journalism, Marketing, Philosophy, Physics, and Religious Studies
  • Crazy lovers: now with even more craziness!
  • We’ve reinstated the tombstone as the first thing you see after you die
  • A super convenient new Back button helps you quickly navigate back to your last viewed list
  • Onboarding flow for new players
  • Release notes are now displayed when you update the game
  • Many smaller refinements and new textual content
  • Lots of bugs smashed

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