Biomutant seems set to create an entirely new gameplay experience mutated through so of the best tried-and-true mechanics of the recent game era. So far, we can expect dozens of tags to be attributed to the game, but some of the most common would likely be open-world, post-apocalyptic, and martial arts.

We’ve collected some of the best examples of gameplay footage, and outlined as best we can what you can expect when this game finally hits your library.

Playstyle and Mechanic Highlights

In these videos, you’ll see how what kind of control you have over your character’s movements and loadouts.

The trailer above was released in March of 2021, approximately two months before the game is slated for released. We can expect it to an accurate highlight reel to some of the fighting methods you’ll use. Here are some of the most important things we’ve noticed:

  • There will be multiple forms of fighting, such as melee, ranged weapons, and special abilities.
  • You will be able to pick from several characters and classes.
  • There will be elemental weapons and damage.
  • You’ll be able to use some of your abilities, weapons, and melee skills in mechs.

The video above provides a more in-depth look about what kind of control you will have both in and outside of combat. From what we can tell, controlling your character will be fluid and straightforward. This is something that isn’t often found in combat games, which makes it even more exciting. Here are some things we’ve noticed that will be part of your game:

  • There will be bosses, some of which you probably won’t want to kill because they’re too adorable. We’re looking at you, Bunny Boss.
  • You’ll have a true open-world experience including accurately scaled distances, travel speed, and logical access to areas throughout the map.
  • Fluid control mechanics for vehicles, characters and tools in and out of combat. In the video, you can see gliders, mechs, and weapons all using seamless control and tracking.

Key Gameplay Features

Outside of how the game feels, we’ve also found some great footage and information about what makes this game so unique.

The video above seems to be an ideal short highlight reel of what this game offers in terms of story and content. Here are some things that caught our eye:

  • NPCs with their own stories, afflictions, and agendas. Like in real life, you’ll need to adjust your behavior in the game to accommodate for many personalities.
  • Fascinating travel mechanics! We see travel methods that range from steam-punk to natural and everything in between.
  • Vivid atmospheres with many differing environments.

This last video is a great review of a 19-minute gameplay trailer that was released this week. In it, youtuber Vulkan covers the defining characteristics and offers insight as to how the game’s features will be implemented. Here are some additional things we see covered by this video:

  • Weapon loadouts.
  • The aesthetically pleasing user interface for menus, quests, and in-game notifications.
  • Faction/Tribe and NPC interaction. Your actions will shape the personalities and reactions of the NPCs around you!

The videos above provide some great insight to what we can expect. With what we’ve got so far, the four-year hype just might be justified!

We’re covering everything Biomutant in the coming weeks to keep you up to speed. Be sure to check out all of our great content on our Biomutant homepage.

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