Zodiac weapons are upgraded versions of Relic weapons and were introduced in Patch 2.28 of Final Fantasy XIV’s A Realm Reborn. Throughout Patch 2.51, players could work with Jalzahn to gather the components and forge the weapons of legend.

Zodiac Zeta Weapons

  • Excalibur Zeta (PLD)
  • Aegis Shield Zeta (PLD)
  • Ragnarok Zeta (WAR)
  • Lilith Rod Zeta (BLM)
  • Nirvana Zeta (WHM)
  • Longinus ZETA (DRG)
  • Apocalypse Zeta (SMN)
  • Sasuke’s Blades Zeta (NIN)
  • Kaiser Knuckles Zeta (MNK)
  • Yoichi Bow Zeta (BRD)
  • Last Resort Zeta (SCH)

Technically speaking, the Zodiac Zeta weapons are the best Zodiac weapons available. They are the sixth and final stage of the upgrades and are available at iLvl 135. The quest chain begins with the Atma Zodiac weapons which progress to Animus Zodiac, Novus Zodiac, Nexus Zodiac, and Zodiac Braves before finally reaching Zodiac Zeta.

The quest to unlock Zodiac weapons begins with Jalzahn in the North Shroud at X29.5 Y 19.6. The starting quest is “Up in Arms” and will have players grinding FATEs in various zones for Atmas. This quest chain will continue through each of the six steps and involve a fairly large time commitment from the player. It is not an endeavor to be taken on lightly.

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