There are quite a few character types in Genshin Impact that are essential to your team. One of these is a shield user who can protect your team from damage. Zhongli is one of the best characters for negating damage in the game, especially when you use the right build.

Zhongli is the geo archon and a polearm user who is a great support unit for your team. He is able to erect a pillar that pulses geo damage while simultaneously casting a shield that protects the on-field character. To get the full effects of his shield, though, you need the right equipment.

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Here is the best build for Zhongli:

  • Tenacity Of The Millelith Artifact Set: This set gives Zhongli 20 percent more health, and when his elemental skill hits an enemy, the party gets a 20 percent attack buff and shield strength is increased by 30 percent for three seconds.
  • Staff of Homa: Zhongli gets a 20 percent boost to his health and an attack bonus equal to 0.8 percent of his health. If Zhongli gets below half-health, the damage attack bonus will increase by 1 percent.

Best Party Members For Zhongli

Here are some characters that can work well with Zhongli:

  • Albedo
  • Gorou
  • Ningguang

In addition to resonating with the geo characters above, Zhongli is an excellent choice for any team that needs a strong shield.

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