2021 held a lot of different game releases across all sorts of genres, from sci-fi to dystopian to fantasy and even some horror. There were plenty of games to choose from on every console. However, we want to look back on the best Xbox Series X/S releases specifically.

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Note that this list will not include rereleases on the Xbox Series X/S and will not cover remakes of older games or collections. These are games were first released in 2021.

Little Nightmares II

Image via Tarsier Studios

Little Nightmares II is the sequel to the creepy indie horror puzzle platform game, Little Nightmares. Players return to this world as Mono, a new character to the series, aids, and ventures alongside Six’s previous player character. Mono must survive the horrors of the Pale City and discover the origins of the Thin Man in television.

It Takes Two

Image via Electronic Arts

It Takes Two is a co-op teamwork game about May and Cody heading towards a divorce. The couple’s fighting upsets their young daughter, and the daughter wishes they would understand each other. The couple, now turned into tiny toys, are thrown into the situation. They must work together to survive their travels across the house as these toys and rekindle their relationship.

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Death’s Door

Image via Acid Nerve

Death’s Door is an indie action-adventure RPG where players take on the role of a grim reaper. Players will need to traverse through the realms, reap the souls of those who have lived long past their time, and track down a mysterious and desperate thief. Players also need to deal with the daily job tasks and find information about the realms players traverse through.

Resident Evil Village

Image via Capcom

The newest Resident Evil Village brings players to an entirely new landscape in the depths of the European wilderness as Ethan Winters. The main character must search to find his lost love and child, Mia and Rosemary, who the horrors of the virus have captured. From sleepy hollows to Transylvanian castles, this is a truly horrifying game.

Far Cry 6

Image via Ubisoft

Far Cry 6, the newest game within the list, continues the Far Cry saga as Dani Rojas in Yara. Dani joins a guerilla group to stop the madness of the oppressive regime on Yara. Along the way, Dani will make many friends and enemies alike.

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