If you are in the market for Xbox accessories, whether for yourself or others, check out our list below to get some great ideas!

USA Gear Console Carrying Case

Image via USAGear

If you or a gamer you know is always on the go, a portable carrying case may be the way to go. This case has specific slots for each item you may need to take with you. It even has straps to keep the console from shifting or coming loose.

BRAINWAVZ Controller Wall Mount


A wall mount may be a good option for an accessory for players with limited space or those who dislike the clutter of controllers on surfaces. These wall mounts are simple to install and provide a minimalist aesthetic to any gaming setup.

MENEEA Controller Charging Station

Image via MENEEA

A charging station is a practical addition for any Xbox owner. This sleek charging device can be placed anywhere, allowing the gamer to choose their ideal charging location. Now players don’t have to deal with dead controller batteries.

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PDP Media Remote

Image via PDP

While Xbox consoles are most commonly used for gaming, they also support various services, like video streaming. Using a gaming controller to control Netflix can get quite annoying. This is where a media remote would be a simple yet greatly appreciated upgrade!

Seagate External Storage Game Drive

Image via Seagate

An external game drive might be an optimal choice for the Xbox owners who have been known to exceed their console storage. Seagate is a well-trusted brand that offers game drives in various storage sizes, specially made for Xbox consoles.

HORI Racing Wheel Controller

Image via HORI

If you know a gamer who is very into games like Forza Horizon, then a racing wheel controller would be a great idea for them. This racing wheel controller brings any racing game to life and adds a high degree of immersion.

Microsoft Wireless Adapter

Image via Microsoft

A wireless adapter is a great choice for an Xbox player who can’t sit in front of their TV right there and then. Players can easily take their gaming experience from the flat screen to the computer with this little device.

Microsoft Xbox Gift Card

Image via Microsoft

A simple but effective gift or purchase to go along with any Xbox is a gift card. An Xbox gift card is a great way for a player to purchase a game, a movie, a game pass, a subscription, or any other thing they would want. This is a great gift if you aren’t sure what the Xbox owner exactly wants.

Bioworld Xbox Crew Sock

Image via Bioworld

For many gamers, time spent playing video games is usually done in a comfy environment, like sitting on the couch. So it only makes sense to enhance the coziness of gaming by throwing in some warm socks. These crew socks come in themed 3-pack, with all of them designed after Xbox.

Microsoft Special Edition Xbox Controller

Image via Microsoft

For any Xbox player, a new controller is a welcome gift or purchase. Instead of picking up a standard edition in basic colors, consider one of the controllers in the above link. With a range of prices, colors, and designs, you can find a controller that appeals especially to you or the gift recipient.

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