In Back 4 Blood, you’re tasked with completing objectives and making it to a safe house—all while mowing down hundreds of zombies that will try to stand in your way. Naturally, you will want to equip the best gear to make the journey easier. Here are the best weapons in Back 4 Blood.


The AK-47 is the all-around best weapon in Back 4 Blood. It gives you high damage and a decent rate of fire. Its only real drawback is its high recoil when compared to other assault rifles. Equipping this weapon with a few attachments that pair with your activate cards will allow you to make short work of the undead hordes.


Back 4 Blood has a few melee weapons to offer, but the Machete stands out as the best all-around. While it has lower damage than other weapons such as the Bat or the Fire Axe, it has a fast swipe attack that can hit multiple enemies at once. It also takes less stamina to swing than the other melee weapons. You can even start your run with this weapon if you choose to play as Evangelo.

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Desert Eagle

Sidearms are usually never the strongest weapons in a game. However, that doesn’t hold true for the Desert Eagle in Back 4 Blood. This sidearm uses sniper ammo and is almost as powerful as one. If you can learn to control the recoil on this hand cannon, you will strike fear in the eyes of the Ridden.


There is no better weapon for clearing buildings than the AA-12 shotgun. This fully automatic shotgun with moderate damage excels at cleaving hordes of Ridden at close range. While this shotgun isn’t great at killing enemies from far away, it is the absolute best at clearing swarms and pumping a Tall Boy full of lead.

Barret M95

On the surface, the Barret M95 is not great. It’s a bolt-action sniper, and it has a very slow rate of fire. But until you use the Barret against one of the game’s bosses, it is impossible to appreciate it for what it is: a boss-killing machine. Hitting your shots on the bosses’ weak spots will drop its health faster than any other weapon in the game.

There you have it—the best weapons in Back 4 Blood! Next time you head out into this post-apocalyptic world, make sure to be on the lookout for a few of these weapons. They will definitely help you fend off the endless hordes of Ridden.

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