Master Rank is replacing Hunter Rank with the release of Sunbreak in Monster Hunter Rise. As such, progressing the ranks as quickly as possible will be the goal of many. This will advance the story and unlock more monsters to hunt and gear to craft. It’s a beautiful gameplay loop that Capcom has crafted.

Weapons to craft in MHR Sunbreak

As for the best weapons to increase to Master Rank, there isn’t a clear-cut answer like “use the Kamura Warrior Hammer” (though you totally should, as it’s a beast). Instead, players should instead focus on crafting new weapons that complement existing builds, like the ludicrously powerful Shaucha Gloryblade, if one is running a Blast build.

Because hunters will encounter a wide variety of monsters as they climb the ranks, it’s recommended to use an all-rounder or weapons that lack an element, like the Defender or Kamura weapons. This will keep hunt times on track, as there won’t be elemental resistances to worry about.

Otherwise, as hunters begin to get into MR one and two-star hunts, focus on nabbing the materials from a specific hunt or two. Some early yet powerful upgrades include:

  • Kamura Tree
  • Orangaten Tree
  • Thunder Tree
  • Fire Tree
  • Paralysis Tree
  • Ice Tree
  • Bone Tree 2

Getting through the Sunbreak is a marathon, not a sprint. It won’t be until the endgame that builds start to become more beneficial. Throw in the fact that grinding out resources to craft weapons can take time, and one is better off focusing on crafting a weapon that will carry them for a while rather than spending the time grinding out materials for incremental upgrades.

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