Call of Duty: Warzone is a graphically demanding game. For any online multiplayer title, it’s best for players to run the game at lower settings to achieve the maximum possible frame rate or frames per second (FPS). While there are other settings options to tweak in Warzone Pacific, this guide lists the best graphic settings from a competitive gameplay standpoint.

Best Display Settings for Call of Duty Warzone

  • Display Mode: Fullscreen
  • Display Monitor: Your main monitor, preferably the one with a high refresh rate
  • Display Adaptor: Your main GPU, preferably a discrete NVIDIA or AMG one
  • Screen Refresh Rate: The highest option available
  • Render Resolution: 100; lower this setting if your GPU is struggling with low FPS
  • Dynamic Resolution: Disabled
  • Aspect Ratio: Automatic
  • Sync Every Frame (V-Sync): Disabled
  • Custom Framerate Limit: Unlimited; you can customize this if needed
  • Brightness: Personal preference; recommended value = 50
  • Display Gamma: 2.2 (sRBG)

Best Graphics Settings for Call of Duty Warzone

  • Field of View: 120 or personal preference; maximum value gives you more peripheral visibility, but objects and enemies appear smaller and shrunk
    • Advanced: Affected; maintains your FOV while aiming-down-sights (ADS) on lower magnification scopes
  • Camera Movement: Least – 50 percent
  • Streaming Quality: Low
  • Texture Resolution: Normal
  • Texture Filtration Anisotropic: High
  • Particle Quality: High
  • Bullet Impacts & Spray: Disabled
  • Dismemberment & Gore Effects: Disabled
  • On-Demand Texture Streaming: Disabled
  • Filmic Strength: 1.00
  • Film Grain: 0.00
  • Anti-Aliasing: SMAA 1x; set this to higher values for smoother object edges but you’ll lose some frames
  • Depth of Field: Disabled
  • World Motion Blur: Disabled
  • Weapon Motion Blur: Disabled
  • Shadow Map Resolution: High
  • Cache Spot Shadows: Enabled
  • Cache Sun Shadows: Enabled
  • Particle Lighting: Low
  • DirectX Raytracing: Disabled
  • Ambient Occlusion: Disabled
  • Screen Space Reflection (SSR): Disabled

Please note that the options set to normal or high don’t make much of a difference when set to low. Furthermore, these settings improve in-game visibility when set to a higher setting. Players can also tweak their accessibility settings for better visibility. Head over to the Interface tab and change the following two settings:

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO
  • Colorblind: Deuteranopia or Protanopia; choose based on what option makes your game look best for you on your monitor.
  • Colorblind Target: Both

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