Warrior is the main class for all players within Loop Hero and will be the only choice for the first run. However, this tank class can handle things that other classes can’t. Due to this, players should focus on building up a deck and equipment that emphasize their strengths by bolstering vampirism, regen, and counter-attacks. Remember that depending on how far into the game each player is, they may or may not have access to all of the following cards.

Best Card Deck for the Warrior

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  1. Blood Grove – It’s roots devour enemies under 15% of their health pool.
  2. Grove – Spawns a ratwolf every two days in the loop that can move to one adjacent tile.
  3. Spider Cocoon – Spawn a spider in an adjacent tile once per day.
  4. Vampire Mansion – Adds vampires to battles on adjacent tiles.
  5. Village – Villages heal the player 20 x the number of loops and offer quests for the player to complete.
  6. Smith’s Forge – Trades out two items from the player’s inventory to cause them to take 20% less damage for 10 hits per piece of equipment.
  7. Temporal Beacon – Speeds up time by 50% within it’s range. It can also spawn Watchers that are afraid of nearby Vampires.
  8. Rock (Mountain) – Increase the player’s base HP by 2% and further increase by one percent for each additional adjacent rock/mountain. These can be built up into a Mountain Peak which increases the players base health by 48% and an additional 2% for each additional adjacent rock/mountain tile. However, once reaching Mountain Peak status they will also spawn a Harpy every two days.
  9. River – Rivers double the effect of adjacent cards.
  10. Forest (Thicket) – Increase the player’s attack speed by 2% per thicket.

Optional: The Cemetary is a good optional addition to the list of the current cards as it will add more enemies with souls. Beacons are useful for the boss battles, but outside of this, they aren’t incredibly important to the build.

Alternatives: In the late game, players can switch out their Spider Cocoons with the Bookery. This will allow them to quickly trade out cards without the extra weak enemies. Meadows are a decent alternative to the Mountains with the sped-up time as they’ll heal the warrior often.

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Best Early Game Strategy for the Warrior

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One of the big things to keep in mind with the warrior class is that for each second that passes within a fight, the warrior will deal 2% damage. Meaning that the longer he is in a fight, the more damage he will deal consecutively. This makes the focus in the early game simply to keep the warrior in the fight, as he’ll deal more damage either way.

Build up either a mix of river, mountains, and thickets, or river, mountains, and meadows. Gradually have it grow and loop as much as possible so that the player can make the most of each of their effects. Also, consider building a mountain peak with a river adjacent to it.

Place Temporal Beacons near the center of the loop to affect as much of it as possible. Make sure to place these near enemy spawn points, as this is the only time its effects will matter. Section out enemy spawns so they aren’t all bunched up to allow the Warrior to heal between battles. In these sections, players can place their Smith’s Forges to trade out the excess items they don’t want for better resistance.

Remember not to build up the map too quickly though, as the faster the world is filled, the closer that will draw the player to a boss battle. Without building up the proper gear in the early stage of the game here, the player will likely have little hope of defeating the boss. Make sure to only add more to the map once the warrior is well equipped.

Best Mid Stage Game Strategy for the Warrior

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After Villages are placed near the Vampire Mansions, they will quickly become Ransacked Villages. These will produce four Ghouls per loop and will transform into Count’s Land within three loops. The Count’s Land will grant the player 35 x the number of loops worth of healing when entered. After which, this area will give the Warrior a quest, which will earn them better loot.

In regards to loot, Warriors will need to focus on collecting weapons that deal the most damage and equipment that adds Vampirism to the build. As the Warrior does not start off with Vampirism, adding this will help make him beefier for the quests and battles to come. Alternatively, items that increase regeneration are also well worth the Warrior’s time.

Between the increased attack speed, vampirism, increased damage with sped-up time, and regeneration the Warrior should become basically invincible. Once this has been accomplished, players should start focusing on the best end-game equipment they can find. However, in the process of getting to this step, players can easily overwhelm themselves with enemies, so be careful with the placement of their tiles.

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Best End Game Strategy for the Warrior

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The last part of the game is picking out supply items from the Warrior’s base camp. Supply items give the Warrior an incredible boost and are super important to make them unstoppable. To start using supply items, just build as many Mud Huts as possible in the base camp and they will unlock the supply item slots. Early on, simply add as many items as possible to this list. However, further down the line, try and focus on Antique Shelves, Herbalist’s Sickles, and the Count’s Chair.

Late game, for an additional boost to the Warrior’s health, players can add the Gold Card, Ancestral Crypt, to their deck. This will grant the player health every time they kill an enemy. However, with the current build and some luck in sourcing the right gear, players shouldn’t really need this.

Once the player feels satisfied with their equipment, traits, and abilities, they can add as many of their boosting environmental tiles until they trigger the boss battle. Make sure that there is a Temporal Beacon and Blood Grove/Hungry Grove near the base camp to ensure the Warrior receives their extra speed damage bonus and they can cut down the boss’s health by 15-20%.

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