Virtual reality doesn’t always have to be action-packed. No, often the best escape from society merely involves you, your thoughts, and a fishing pole. That’s still possible in VR. If you don’t have the means to go fishing or are looking for a new headset experience, these are the best VR fishing games available to play right now.

Real VR Fishing


Real VR Fishing places you in realistic fishing locations and allows online play with up to four friends. There are different modes from casual, stress-free fishing to challenging difficulties for the experienced anglers eager for a challenge. Each fish caught gets added to your collection, which is displayed in customizable aquarium. Perhaps most appealing about this VR fishing game is the ability to watch YouTube or listen to Spotify from the app itself. This is a fantastic quality-of-life feature that prevents interruption for all players to remain immersed in the experience.

A Fisherman’s Tale

Winner of the VR Awards Game of the Year 2019, A Fisherman’s Tale is more fishing-themed than simulator. Set on a fishing boat, you play as a tiny fisherman puppet who lives alone in a tiny cabin. When a storm alert sounds, you’re forced out of your cozy cabin to discover secrets about the outside world. Although this is the most different VR fishing game on the list, we recommend A Fisherman’s Tale for those looking for an engaging story with unique puzzles to solve. By capitalizing on VR-exclusive features, this game excels at bending the player’s sense of reality.

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Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR

Image via Bit Golem

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR is another alternative to Real Fishing VR. This game simulates real-life fishing across various maps around the world, including a Winter-themed map specifically designed for ice fishing. If you’re ever bored with the maps provided, Ultimate Fishing encourages you to create your own levels within the Level Editor. You can even share your levels with other friends and test other creations. Additional DLC has been created for this VR fishing game, including the Amazon River, Greenland, Kariba Dam, and more.


Image via Resolution Games

For your more arcadey VR fishing game, your best bet is Bait! The game boasts relaxation across four different lakes with exclusive fish for each location. Your goal is to travel to each island and help your boss catch as many rare fish as possible. Above all else Bait! just wants you to have a good time while playing solo or multiplayer. Even better, it’s free to download on Oculus VR headsets.

Orbus VR: Reborn

Don’t let the cartoon fantasy setting fool you, fishing is totally possible in Orbus VR: Reborn, a fantasy MMORPG. The main attraction of Orbus is every player’s ability to play the game exactly how they want to exist in the game. Fancy gearing up with powerful weapons and spells to take down bosses and complete challenging raids? Totally possible. But if you’re uninterested in the combat elements (or just need a break), you can find a body of water and fish during an entire play session.

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