Military Tycoon is an in-depth PVP Tycoon game on Roblox in which players must continuously increase their funds to build their battle stations and employ vehicles and troops for war against their fellow players. To face off against their enemies, they must attempt to upgrade and develop robust defenses, such as vehicles. It’s best to focus on developing vehicles since they are equipped with solid turrets and have more armored health. Here are some of the best vehicles to utilize in your Robloxian world siege.

Abram Tank

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

This is a fast tank with great utility for a quick invasion. It can deal some damage to enemies at range and offers protection with its hefty armored plates. It’s bigger and faster than the Robux tank. However, damage-wise, it doesn’t pack quite as big as a punch. The nice thing about this tank is that it’s completely free in the Event menu. You simply have to find all the pieces for it hidden around the world.

War Plane

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The War Plane is one of the best air vehicles you can use. It’s not only one of the fastest planes in the game that makes it easy to escape any incoming hostile fire, but it also deals some massive damage in return. It allows you to lock onto enemy vehicles to fire targeted shots and missiles at them. However, you will need to complete 12 rebirths to get this plane. This process will take some time, but it is well worth it once the plane is purchased entirely.

B-17 Bomber

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This plane is a heavy-duty, multiple-person aircraft that can be deadly if appropriately utilized. You will want to use each station available for this plane, meaning you will want three other players to man each gun and turret. This plane can easily take out your enemies with three fast-firing turrets and missiles at the ready. It doesn’t deal as much damage as the War Plane, but it can be slightly easier to attain when building. You won’t need to rebirth, but it will cost quite a bit of funds to build.

Missile Truck

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The Missile Truck is an extraordinary land vehicle for excursions, especially against enemy aircraft. This vehicle is fast and is not capable of being locked onto by War Planes or other planes. Its missiles are great for taking out hostiles in the air and damaging ships with their tracking techniques. This truck can be built in the outer garage but will cost quite a hefty amount of funds to develop fully.


Image via InfinityInteractive

The Destroyer is one of the best water vehicles to utilize in your attacks. It is equipped with several powerful weapons, such as turrets and torpedoes that shoot underwater. This ship also has a helipad where you can spawn in various helicopters at your current location. This ship may be less tanky than the Carrier, but it’s faster and geared more toward team attacks, with multiple players manning each turret. It can be built near your exterior garage at your ship docking station.

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