Vampire Survivors has dozens of unlockable weapons, but their effectiveness varies. While it’s possible to have a great run with any combination, some weapons are essential and get later bosses. Certain past waves of enemies are impossible without certain weapons.

Below we’ve detailed some of the best weapons in Vampire Survivors, the best combinations, and general tips as well!

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Best weapons

  • Garlic

Garlic creates an aura around you that damages anytime an enemy comes close to you. It also makes enemies easier to freeze and knockback. Unlocked by eating five-floor chickens

  • Lightning Ring

The Lightning Ring strikes a random number of enemies. This is great for passive room-clearing while you’re running around. At lower levels, it’s negligible, but at higher levels is one of the best weapons in the game.

  • Magic Wand

Essential for killing large numbers of enemies and clearing hordes, the Magic Wand shoots a bolt of energy towards random enemies. As it can pass through multiple enemies, it’s perfect as your core weapon.

  • Knife

Simple, but effective, the knife can clear out enemies in front of you in a consistent way. This makes it perfect for creating space or directly attacking certain enemies. This is a huge benefit since almost every other weapon is random or can’t be aimed.

Best weapon combinations in Vampire Survivors

Garlic, Whip/Knife, Lightning Ring, Santa Water, Magic Wand, Clock Lancet

You get six weapon slots in a single game of Vampire Survivors. The above loadout is one of the best, as the Garlic Synergises with the Clock Lancet. The Knife and Whip are for punching holes in large groups of enemies you might need to break through. The Santa Water and Lightning Ring provide passive horde killing, and the Magic Wand is your core weapon to kill things.

Generally, any run-in Vampire Survivors will need a single ‘main’ weapon you rush to evolve. The best candidates for this are the Magic Wand, the Flame Wand, or the Axe. Next, you need some kind of protection, whether that’s a health regen and Garlic, the Bible, or the Laurel shield. If you’re struggling, the Pentagram can be used.

It would help if you also had passive mob clearing, so this is where weapons like the Lightning Ring, Peachone, and Santa Water come in. Finally, you need something to clear out in front of you so you can always be moving. This is where the Knife, Axe, and Whip come in.

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