It has been one heck of a year when it comes to game releases and next year’s releases are sure to surpass 2021 by a mile! With so many games to look forward to in 2022, we’ve put together a list of a few of the best upcoming Xbox X Series games to look out for in 2022.

Elden Ring

upcoming games of 2022 Elden Ring
Screenshot via FromSoftware Inc.

From the creator of Dark Souls (Hidetaka Miyazaki) and Game of Thrones author (George R.R. Martin), Elden Ring is set to release on Feb. 25, 2022 and there is no confirmation whether it will be available on Game Pass. Players will explore an open world as the Tarnished, and discover giants among other creatures in the fantasy filled world of Elden Ring. The action game was originally announced in 2018 by developers FromSoftware, and is set to be their biggest game yet.

GTA 5 / GTA Online

Upcoming games 2022 GTA 5
Screenshot via Rockstar Games

Set to release in March of 2022, GTA 5 and GTA Online will consist of a variety of graphic and technical enhancements to the adventure of Rockstar Games’ GTA series. Though it will not be available on Game Pass, a version of GTA Online will be released for the new-gen console.

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Saints Row

Upcoming games of 2022 Saints Row
Screenshot via Deep Silver Volition

Saints Row returns as a new reboot of the series, taking fans back to its origins that explore the beginning lineage of the gang. It’s set to release on Aug. 23, 2022, but the game won’t be available on Game Pass. Players will start the game off with a team of four and make their way through the city of Santo Ileso, building up their criminal empire. With more of a grown-up type of feel to the game, players can still make their mark on the city with a fun and playful approach.

Sonic Frontiers

Upcoming games of 2022 Sonic Frontiers
Screenshot via The Sonic Team/SEGA

The Sonic Team and SEGA brings fans Sonic’s biggest adventure to date! Sonic Frontiers is set to be released during the holidays of 2022, but it won’t be available on Game Pass. The adventure game looks like it will take place in an open world (or should we call it an open zone?), to explore as the zooming blue hedgehog through the Starfall Islands.

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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Upcoming games of 2022 The Lord of the Rings: Gollum
Screenshot via Daedalic Entertainment GmbH

If gamers don’t get excited about this one, then it’s safe to say they’re dead inside! The Lord of the Rings: Gollum has been announced with a rather vague release date that’s still to be determined in 2022. Play as Gollum, as the game starts off in a fortress in Mordor called Barad-dûr, where the savage creature is being held captive. Players can definitely expect to get lost in the action-adventure gameplay, while traveling through the magnificently designed world of Middle-Earth, as the corrupted invertebrate, Gollum.

Hogwarts Legacy

Upcoming games of 2022 Hogwarts Legacy
Screenshot via Avalanche Software

We finally get the chance to become a student of the infamous School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Hogwarts Legacy! With a release date that’s to be announced sometime in 2022 (and the game won’t be available on Game Pass), Hogwarts Legacy is based on the lore of the Harry Potter series that will consist of an open-world RPG that is set in the 1800s. With an affiliation to Ancient Magic, players will make friends and foes, battle dark magic, all while fulfilling their Hogwarts Legacy.

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