Starter kits are special items sets that players can choose to start their matches in Tribes of Midgard with. Players can unlock these items through challenges, season rewards, and by just playing the game. 

The starter kits can be anything from weapons, tools, and even runes as well. But which are the best? Well, here’s what we at Pro Game Guides feel are the best starter kits in Tribes of Midgard. 

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The Best Starter Kits in Tribes of Midgard

The following table below will display the best starter kits in Tribes of Midgard in order of most usefulness. We will also include information on how to unlock the starter kit and more. 

Starter KitDescriptionHow to unlock
Village Starter KitGives the player a full set of Villager armor and a Villager sword and shield. We recommend picking this for a well rounded start that will allow you to farm camps as early as possible, just avoid some of the larger ones unless you have someone with you.Craft a common item
Harvester KitGives the player both a flint lumber axe and pickaxe. We recommend picking this for a early resource gathering start, use both tools and upgrade to stone tools as fast as possible. Also make weapons so you can clear camps to upgrade to better tools as well.Reach level two in Season Rewards
Archer Starter KitGives the player a Villager bow and 100 arrows, and Arm of Ullr Rune x1. If you love range combat and the Ranger or Hunter class, then we recommend picking this class to give yourself a quick start on the road for either class. Also helps out a lot with clearing camps and farming souls.Craft a Epic item
Feral Starter KitGives the Player a Feral hammer and a Nothing to hide rune as a starting kit in the game. We highly recommend choosing this starter kit if you are a big melee user as it will turn you into a strong melee beast in the early game. It will also help out with clearing camps with the increase bonus you gain from the rune for wearing no armor.Reach level 22 in Season Rewards

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