Runes are special items in Tribes of Midgard that give powerful bonuses when equipped by players. They can be found by looting chests and dropping as loot when killing elite enemies like witches and war chiefs. But which runes are the best? Well, here’s what we at Pro Game Guides feel are the best runes in Tribes of Midgard. 

The Best Runes in Tribes of Midgard

The following table below will display the best runes kits in Tribes of Midgard in order of personal favorites and most useful in the game.

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Rolling ThunderRolling Thunder is a rune that makes it so every time you roll, it has a 50 percent chance of spawning lighting that can harm nearby enemies for medium thunder damage. Overall, it’s a decent rune for classes such as the ranger and the hunter class.
Explosive FinalExplosive Final is a rune that makes it so there is a 10 percent chance for the dead bodies of enemies to explode into magical shards that can harm living foes. We recommend getting as a way to deal extra damage to hordes of monsters.
Might of MjolnirCauses combo attacks to have a small chance of 20 percent to spawn lighting arcs that can deal low thunder damage to foes. We recommend keeping this enchantment as a decent enchantment to add your damage output.
Lucky LootGives a 15 percent chance to double the loot drops of slayed enemies. Pretty self explanatory, get this if you want more loot drops.
Arm of UllrThis one is a must have for any archers in the game as it increases the damage of arrows by 20 percent.
Keeper of SoulsAllows you to keep 20 percent of your total souls when you die, again self explanatory, get it if you want to keep some of your souls when you die.
Seidr WeaverThis rune should be combined with Might of Mjonir, as it does a similar effect but instead there is a 30 percent chance to spawn magical arcs that deal high physical damage.
Freyr’s HarvestMakes it so you heal when you gather resources, use it as fast way to get health when your health is low.
Booming ShieldMakes it so when you block, you create explosions, grab this rune and stand outside of a gate blocking for the best effect.

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