In Minecraft Education Edition, players have access to a ton of useful items that help promote learning and can just generally be helpful in the regular version of Minecraft.

For example, certain items can be crafted from real-world elements to make useful tools for removing color dye or just to make fun items that can be used to decorate bases in Minecraft.

Here we will take a look at some of the best items players can make in the game’s education mode, starting with items that hold practical uses to just fun decoration items.

We will also list what the items are for and what you will need to craft them. That said, here is what we think are the best things to make in Minecraft Education Edition.

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ItemWhat does it do?Materials Required
BleachBleach can be used to remove any color dye from banners to make a White banner in the game.Three Water and Three
Super FertilizerSuper Fertilizer is a special item similar to bonemeal and works in the same, but better. In short, it can produce more flowers and even turn trees into fully grown trees with just one fertilizer.One Ammonia and One Phosphorus
Ice BombAn Ice Bomb is a very useful item for turning water into ice, as if thrown into water it will explode and turn the water it hits into ice.Four Sodium Acetate
Heat BlockA Heat Block can be used to melt either snow or Ice similar to how torches do in regular Minecraft.One Iron, One Water, One Charcoal, and also One Salt
Glow Stick or lightsaberA glow stick is a fun little item that can be used to light up areas in the player’s hands for a small amount of time.Six Polyethylene One Hydrogen Peroxide One Dye and One Luminol
BalloonAnother fun item to make is a Balloon as it can be used to decorate both fences and place on mobs in the game.Six Latex, One Helium, One Lead, and One Dye
SparklerA sparkler is a fun little weapon item that can be made and looks like the weapon featured in Minecraft Dungeons anniversary event.One Chloride, One Magnesium, and one Stick

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