The support role in Warframe is often overlooked due to most of the game’s content being on the easier side of the spectrum. However, as enemy levels increase, the supporting role starts to take the stage. Crowd Control (CC) and general buffs become far more important when enemies can kill you within a few seconds upon sight. Fortunately, the Wisp frame serves as the perfect support in Warframe due to her versatile kit.

The Best Support Frame – Wisp

Wisp has a lot going for her. She has several means to buff herself and her teammates, access to on-demand invisibility, has strong CC, and has high damage. In order understand why she is so potent, here’s a brief break down of her kit.

Kit Breakdown

  • Passive – While airborne, Wisp renders herself and her companions completely invisible until she lands or fires her weapon. If still airborne after firing, Wisp will quickly regain her invisibility.
  • Reservoirs – Places three types of Motes on the ground that provide buffs to any frames that enter their radius. Motes must be cycled through and placed one at a time. These buffs linger for a time after a frame has left their aura radius.
    1. Vitality Mote – Buff that increases maximum health and heals over time
    2. Haste Mote – Buff that increases movement and attack speed
    3. Shock Mote – Buff that stuns nearby enemies in a set interval
  • Wil-O-Wisp – Cast forward a ghost visage of Wisp, rendering her invisible while it is traveling and causing enemies to attack it in confusion. Holding this ability causes it to travel faster, and activating again allows Wisp to teleport to its location.
  • Breach Surge – Release a wave of spectral energy that travels in all directions, blinding any that come in contact with it. Attacking enemies blinded by this ability causes Surge sparks to lash out at nearby foes. Wisp can use this ability to teleport to an active Reservoir Mote and increase its area of effect (AOE).
  • Sol Gate – Wisp fires a continuous massive beam of solar plasma, devastating all in its path. Holding the fire button causes it to deal double damage at the cost of more energy. Enemies hit with this ability take increasing damage from it.

Supporting Role

Because of her Reservoir ability, Wisp is able to provide a spectrum of powerful buffs at her leisure. All of the mentioned buffs stem from just one ability, and the motes themselves are permeant, making Wisp the perfect frame for point defense objectives. Even outside of that, however, her buffs last a significant amount of time, leaving plenty of opportunity to progress through a mission without needing to refresh them.

Having access to a taunt in Wil-O-Wisp and a room-wide CC in Breach Surge, Wisp can effectively control the entire battlefield with just a button click or two. She is also one of a handful of frames with healing in her kit, allow her to sustain herself and her allies with ease. In the cases where Wisp’s conventional support isn’t needed, she can unleash her Sol Gate to, instead, deal massive Heat and Radiation damage in a wide area in front of her.

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