You will need to build a strong and balanced team if you want to succeed in Dislyte. An important member of any Esper squad is your Support. There are twelve Supports in Dislyte, and while all have their uses, some are better than others. For this guide, we are excluding Healers, as they play a different role than Supports. We have listed all the Support in Dislyte and their ratings below.

All Support Espers in Dislyte ranked

Unky ChanA
Jin YuyaoB

What Support should I use in Dislyte?

When it comes to non-healing Support, Gabrielle and Unas are the best choices. Gabrielle is extremely versatile and can provide numerous powerful buffs to your allies. She also has great stats that let her fit into any squad. Unas excels as a Shimmer Esper and has incredible speed that lets him outspeed the enemy. In addition, he is a strong Support who can also deal out consistent damage.

Sienna, Unky Chan, and Eira are good choices for the early and mid-game when it comes to Support since they have abilities to buff your allies. Berenice is also a good choice for these stages, but you will want to get either Gabrielle or Unas on your squad. You should also pair these Support Espers with a Healer to provide healing and buffing coverage to your team.

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