Lost Ark gives players many choices when choosing their classes. There are a few main classes, each breaking down into its own Advanced Classes. Choosing which role players would like to play in the game can help narrow down which class is best for them. Having a Support class character is essential in Lost Ark’s PvP battles. The best choices for players looking for a strong Support class would be BardSoulfist, and Paladin.


The Bard is an Advanced Class of the Mage. Players using the Bard class will have the ability to deal out hefty damage and heal allies simultaneously. Bards will spend time giving teammates buffs that will be of great use in battle.

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Soulfist is an Advanced Class of the Martial Artist. Soulfist can be difficult to master as it has a high skill wall, though it makes up for this by being extremely versatile. They can deal out both melee and ranged damage, putting out massive DPS numbers, and can also provide support to allies in battle alongside this. Soulfist is a class with a lot of possibilities.


Paladin is a great class for both new and veteran players. Paladins have great healing capabilities, great shields, and a huge pool of health that puts them on par with some of the more tank-like classes in Lost Ark. This high HP makes the Paladin a great choice for beginners as it allows for a lot of forgiveness in battle for players still learning the game.

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