Splat Zones, being a ranked mode, is where things start to get a little more serious. Turf War is full of players who take the game more casually, but the players in Splat Zones are looking to rank up. That means, in order to win, it’s going to take some background knowledge on how the objective is played. These tips should help any player rank up easily.

How can players get more wins in Splat Zones?

Don’t overextend

The worst thing any player can do in Splat Zones is engage in hero mode. Especially on maps with only one zone to fight over, rushing in alone means everyone can see you. The key here is to work as a team to hold the zone together: one player can’t do this alone.

Look for choke points

Every map has several openings where opponents can access the zone by. It’s important for teams to look for these and cut them off. Look at a map like Mahi Mahi Resort. It’s easy enough to deal with enemies coming head on, but there are two areas enemies can get easy flanks on: the pillars in the middle, and the side area. If a teammate is in each of those areas, they can stop any would be invaders from making surprise pushes.

Don’t push without an advantage

Sometimes it can be frustrating to try and hold down the zone with so many enemies looking to take it back. This is why it’s important to go for the zone with a numbers advantage. Instead, focus on getting kills, and after a couple enemies are down, then is the time to paint the zone

Look for high ground

This tip is a little weapon-dependent, but it can be pretty impactful. Of course, chargers and tri stingers are going to want to look for large perches anyways. Even mid range weapons, though (like the Splattershot Pro or N-Zap ’85) can put in lots of work by picking off rollers and brushes from afar.

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