Everyone loves a good story, from fantasy to science fiction; what’s not to love? A good story is also great when it’s the main focus of a video game. So with that in mind, here’s an in-depth list of some of the best story games out there in the wild for PC. 

The Best Story Games on PC in 2021

The following chart below will list some of the best story games the PC market has to offer in this current and last generation of gaming. The order will go from personal favorites to well-known classics that many gamers hold dear to their hearts. 

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Best Story Games on PCDescriptionWhere to Buy
The Witcher 3: Wild HuntThe Witcher series has always been a classic since it’s inception in the early 2000s. However, none of the games have managed to reach a status such as the third game.
We personally agree with this sentiment, as it features one of the best stories ever told that touches all fields of romance, intrigue, betrayal, comedy, and tragedy.
GOG, Steam
Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive EditionDivine Divinity 2 is a rare game that features a story of players coming to grips with the possibility of godhood and the consequences of pursuing it. Along with this, the game features a wide array of characters, plots, and romance, all in a loveable RPG package. We love it, and highly recommend checking it outGOG, Steam
Fallout: New Vegas: Ultimate EditionThe old world is dead in the Fallout universe, and it is a fact that becomes really apparent in New Vegas. You realize this through the rich story that the game features, from terminal logs to characters and the several factions all maneuvering to take control of a bastion of civilization in a sea of human depravity.GOG, Steam
Pathfinder KingmakerPathfinder Kingmaker is a series akin to Baldur’s Gate and features a wild cast of characters, plots, and a vast story revolving around the fate of a kingdom controlled by Outlaws. Overall, it’s a decent tale, and for those yearning for a story experience similar to games such as Divine Divinity, you can’t go wrong with Pathfinder Kingmaker.GOG, Steam
Red Dead Redemption 2The west is dying, and the world no longer wants its Butch sundances or Billy the Kids. This plays a heavy role in the story of Red Dead Redemption 2 that centers around a group of outlaws trying to survive in a hostile west that is slowly becoming more civilized under the rule of law. It’s a beautiful tale of hardship, betrayal, and human nature; we highly recommend giving it a shot.Steam, Rockstar, Epic Games
Max PayneIf you are a fan of crime shows or drama, you will love the sad and tragic tale of Max Payne, a good cop gone bad. In the game, you follow his tale as he descends into a revenge story after the murder of both his wife and baby daughter.Steam
Fallout 1&2Fallout one and two are both the father and mother of the post-apocalyptic RPG series we know and love today. Both games also feature some of the richest and well-crafted storytelling in the history of gaming.GOG, Steam
Wasteland 3Wasteland 3 is the third entry in the Wasteland series that continues the tale of the desert rangers as they try desperately to navigate the political turmoil of the territory of Colorado. Overall, Wasteland 3 is an excellent story-rich game that continues the legacy that spawned titles such as the Fallout series and more.GOG,

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