The new Trumbull Valley map in State of Decay 2’s Homecoming update brings a total of six new bases for players to both explore and claim out in the world.

Each base has different stats and can hold several facilities, and some even come with some exclusive existing facilities that can be used to the player’s advantage.

Some bases are also better than others, and here you will find out what are the best State of Decay 2 Trumbull Valley Bases, ranked worse to Best.

Disclaimer: This list is under construction, some bases might be missing from the list.

Checkpoint Delta

Check Point Delta is your starting base location when you start the game in Trumbull Valley, it is also the smallest of all bases and has the least amount of space and slots. Because of this, we recommend moving as soon as possible to a better home site.

Facility SlotsBuilt-in Facility SlotsRequirements
Nine Facility Slots two empty and seven built-in slots.Check Point Delta features one command center, one military cots slot, four parking slots, and one storage slot.None, it’s a starter base.

Pterodactyl Ptark

If you had to choose the next location to go to after your starter base, Pterodactyl Ptark would be the best location. It’s a decent small base that would be perfect for the growing community you are sure to start mid-way into the game. It also houses several facility slots that can be used to great effect.

Facility SlotsBuilt-in Facility SlotsRequirements
14 facility slots in total. Three small empty slots and one large empty slot and ten built-in facility slotsPterodactyl Ptark features one command center, two junk piles that must be cleared to unlock one building slot, four parking slots for cars, a soundproof latrine, one trailer park beds, and one trailer park storage.Four community members and at least 500 influence to claim.

Red Talon Daybreak FOB

For large bases in State of Decay 2 Trumbull Valley, you can’t go wrong with the Red Talon Daybreak FOB as it comes packed with a ton of existing facilities related to the Red Talon group in State of Decay 2. Along with this, if you manage to claim the base, you will get one free Red Talon Solider due to a mission related to the base.

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Facility SlotsBuilt-in Facility SlotsRequirements
13 facility slots in total. one large empty slot and 12 built-in facility slotsThe Red Talon Base features a CLEO relay, one command center, a clearable supply drop that can reward unique red talon equipment, a neglected red talon workshop, four parking slots, one rancid red talon officer quarters, one red talon armored storage, one red talon watchtower, and one ransacked red talon bunkroom.Five community members and at least 1500 influence to claim.

Fort Marshall

Fort Marshall is possibly the best and largest base to come from this update as it features a ton of unique built-in facilities and can fit a lot of survivors. It’s also a highly defensible location that we recommend large communities to claim and defend.

Facility SlotsBuilt-in Facility SlotsRequirements
14 facility slots in total. two large empty slots and 10 built-in facility slotsFort Marshall features four parking slots, one military shooting range, a military clinic, one cramped barracks, one mobile catering station, one well-used latrine, and one defensive towers slot.Eight community members and at least 2k influence to claim.

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