Steelrising is set in an alternative timeline, where the French revolution is being pushed back by rampaging automatons. You play as Aegis, a sentient automate. Aegis has several weapons and alchemical attacks at her disposal to accomplish her goal. You will also need to pick one of the four starting classes. Your class choice is important; here is the best starting class in Steelrising.

What is the best Starting Class in Steelrising

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The best starting class in Steelrising is the Dancer. The Dancer starts with a good Agility weapon with the Shield special move, enabling you to block damage. Agility increases your weapon scaling with Agility weapons, while Vigor improves your endurance and critical hit multiplier.

The early areas of the game also contain several Agility weapons you can use if the Armoured Fans are not to your liking. This makes the Dancer highly flexible, with multiple weapon options and playstyles available at the start of the game.

What are the classes in Steelrising?

At the start of the game, you can choose between four classes; Bodyguard, Soldier, Dancer, or Alchemist. Each class specializes in a specific playstyle and begins with a weapon and some attributes. You can purchase the other class weapons from the Boutique at a Vestal. The starting classes are:

  • Bodyguard
    • Weapon: Body of Work.
    • Attributes: Durability, Engineering.
  • Soldier
    • Weapon: Gribeauval Halberd.
    • Attributes: Power, Vigor.
  • Dancer
    • Weapon: Armoured Fans.
    • Attributes: Agility, Vigor.
  • Alchemist
    • Weapon: Glass-Core Batons.
    • Attributes: Elemental Alchemy, Engineering.

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