Elden Ring contains many weapons and secrets to find, including staffs. With so many on offer, it can be hard to find the best one or even know where they are located. Here are the best three staffs in Elden Ring.

Best Early Game: Meteorite Staff

This staff will get you through most of Elden Ring and can be obtained right at the beginning of the game if you are willing to take Torrent on an adventure. The staff not only has an S rank in intelligence scaling and a passive bonus to gravity spells, but it also has Sorcery Scaling 161 and does not need to be upgraded so you can save those Smithing Stones. It is located in the South East of the Street of Sages ruin in Caelid and can be found hanging from a window.

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Best Mid Game: Carian Glintblade Staff

You can also access the Carian Glintblade Staff at the beginning of the game if you take the secret path past Stormveil castle, however, it’s best to wait until you naturally get access to Liurnia of the Lakes. This staff starts with C Intelligence scaling, but its key strength is that it boosts the effectiveness of all Carian spells. You will need to upgrade this staff with smithing stones before it out-damages the Meteorite Staff. The staff is located at the Highway Lookout Tower, be wary of the sorcerer raining spells from the top of the tower.

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Best Late Game: Azur’s Glintstone Staff

This staff will also need to be upgraded before it outpaces the other two options. However, this staff has B Intelligence Scaling and will require 52 Intelligence to wield. This staff is found in Raya Lucaria Academy and will require some rooftop hoping to locate. The staff is above the Church of the Cuckoo grace site, but you will need to travel to the Debate Parlor grace site, head out the courtyard, climb the ruin stairshead left and vault over the railing, take another left, and vault over another railing to reach the rooftopsFollow these rooftops down and back inside. You will eventually end up above the Church of the Cuckoo grace site, there is a ladder you can knock down here. At the end of the candle-lit corridor, you will find the Azur’s Glintstone Staff.

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