Week 4 in Season of the Haunted brought a new set of weekly challenges to Destiny 2. Sorrow Bound IV requires Guardians to take out 50 Cabal Centurions. However, tracking down this special unit can be a little tricky if one doesn’t know where to look.

Where to find Cabal Centurions in Destiny 2

Best Cabal Open-World Locations

The Derelict Leviathan is the best spot to farm Cabal Centurions. Load into the zone and immediately head to the Royal Pools. There will consistently be two to five Centurions here. Wipe them out and reload the zone. Rinse and repeat for your 50.

The EDZ, particularly Firebase Hades to the West on the map, is rife with Cabal. Head there and run the several Cabal Lost Sectors or take part in the Public Events for quicker Cabal Centurion farming.

On Nessus, there are several spots to farm Cabal. Centurions will typically spawn in the South, near the Radiolarian Lake.

Best Cabal Strikes

The Arms Dealer is a Cabal-centric Strike on the EDZ. This can be a targeted farming run with plenty of Centurions to take out. However, because it is a strike and thus has mandatory matchmaking, Guardians will be competing with one another for kills.

The Insight Terminus is another Cabal heavy strike. Much like the Arms Dealer, there are plenty of Centurions to take out, but it’s a race against other Guardians for the credit.

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