has become one of the most popular casual party games in recent times. The gameplay revolves around you drawing a doodle based on random words and guessing the pictograms of your fellow players. On that note, Currently, there are two types of hacks available for the game Autodrawer and Autoanswer.


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The most common form of hack available for is the Autodrawer hack. The hacks allow you to drag any PNG/JPEG images related to your query directly onto the drawing board from any website/computer. It especially comes in handy when you are awful at drawing and want to save your face among friends. The Autodrawer hack is available in the form of a browser extension.

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As the name suggests, the hack guesses for the answer on your behalf. Compared with other hacks on the list, this one is pretty effective. It displays the list of suitable choices related to the query, and you have to select the right answer out of it. Unlike the previous one, the Autoguesser hack requires some setting up before running.

To run the hack, you will need to download a script running mod like TamperMonkey for your web browser. After installing, run the Autoguesser hack script through the new extension.

Remember, Hacking is a form of cheating and affects the integrity of fair gameplay. The author nor ProGameGuides encourages you to use hacks. The guide only serves as an educational piece on various hacks available for Use the hacks at your own risk. 

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