A majority of skins in the game are based on fan favorite characters and enemies from the Final Fantasy VII games. These skins vary from hoodies and onesies inspired by creatures to the outfits worn by the main cast. But what are the skins most coveted by players?

The Turks

Image via Square Enix

Playing as The Turks isn’t possible in many Final Fantasy games. But in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, players can live out their dream of playing as their own version of Reno or Rude. They are both playable in the Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius game but the last time they had a game in the canon where they were playable was Final Fantasy: Before Crisis. For the time being, these suits are the only way players can cosplay as Vincent Valentine before Hojo experimented on him.

Ifrit And Shiva

Image via Square Enix

The Summons of the Final Fantasy series take on many different forms. Between games, these powerful Aeons have different abilities and are tied to the story in a variety of ways. In Final Fantasy VII games, both Ifrit and Shiva can be found early in the game and are an effective way of dealing high amounts of Elemental Damage to enemies. In Final Fantasy VII: The First Solider, they are both Summonable if players get their hands on their Materia and with the skins, it’s possible to have two of these charging towards someone at the same time.

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Chocobo Costume

Image via Square Enix

As one of the many mascots of not only Final Fantasy VII, but the entire series, a Chocobo Costume being added just made sense. Dressing up a character to appear as cute as possible before casting Comet on a group of enemies has to be one of the best feelings in the game. Cactuar and Moogles also have similar costumes, but there’s something about the Chocobo Costume that really sets it apart from the other creature theme onesies. Real Chocobos are available in the game as well so it’s possible to ride into battle as a Chocobo while riding on a Chocobo with a Chocobo shotgun.

Cloud and Tifa

Image via Square Enix

This entry can be extended to the other Cloud and Tifa skins as well, but the REMAKE skins are phenomenal. The Advent Children versions of their skins are also available, as well as Tifa’s Exotic dress for players that are looking for other variants. These skins were released at the same time but Tifa had a lot more love when it came to skin purchases. It shouldn’t come as a surprise given that Tifa has a much more different costume compared to Cloud’s standard SOLDIER uniform.

Dark Assassin

Image via Square Enix

The Dark Assassin and Tribal skins were added at the same time but players quickly took a liking to the former. It resembles a Vincent Valentine looking cloak but is very reminiscent of the Assassin’s Creed outfit. The Mobius Final Fantasy Assassin has a similar appearance but is purple with an assortment of daggers and colorful accessories. Assassins in the series haven’t been used too often so seeing the game give attention to a Job like this is very unexpected, but very much welcomed.

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